Uniface Service desk user guide


  • Where to find the USD customer Portal
  • How to logon for the first time
  • How to raise a Service Request
  • Where to find my Requests
  • Where to find all my Company Requests
  • How to participate / follow progress of a call made by a colleague.
  • Notes


Where to find the USD customer Portal

The Uniface Service Desk Customer Portal can be found at https://support.uniface.info/




How to logon for the first time

Before you will be able to logon to the Portal, your email address should be known to Uniface Service Desk.

If you are in doubt as weather this is the case, try the following first.

  • Select on the Logon page “Forgot your password?” link.

  • Type in the Username Field, your Email address
  • Select “Email me” button.
  • After a few minutes, you should receive an email on the given address with a link in their to reset your password.
  • (Please check your spam folder in case you have not received it)
  • If you have not received this email after 15 minutes, sent an email to Uniface.technical.support@uniface.com to request access to USD. Please provide your full name, company name, email address and Uniface customer number.



How to raise a Service Request

After logon to USD, you will get the following screen:

Please Select here the most relevant link to your issue,

and fill on the next page all relevant information.

Please be aware of the hints given at the top of the pages, to help us getting all relevant information at call creation.




Where to find my Requests

At the top of the page in the menu bar, you will find the word “Requests”

Select now the menu item “My request”.




Where to find all my Company Requests

If you do belong to a company and being registered in USD as member of this company, you can see all the cases that are reported by members of your company.


Selecting “Requests”, will then show your company name in the Menu item. In the above screenshot it is “TestOrganization”.

By selecting the organization you belong to, will show all the reported issues for your company.



How to participate / follow progress of a call made by a colleague.

Find the Support request made by this colleague with the use of option “Your-Company-name” in the Requests menu.

Open this request by clicking on the UFC number.


Now you can use the “Get notifications” link to enable receiving of notifications regarding this issue.

If you want to Share this issue with other Colleague’s in your company, you can invite them by using the “Share” Link.



  • Case updates made by Uniface Support, will be shown in the portal and notification email of this update will be sent.
    When response is required from you on the case update, preferably this is done through the portal.
    However, a response can also be done by replying on the notification email mentioned above.
    When you reply on the notification email please DO NOT Inline edit in the original e-mail. Only add comment above the “Reply above this line”  message line in the mail!
    Information added or edited under the line “reply above this line” in the original text of the email will get lost and NOT added to the case.
    This is because Service Desk strips off the original e-mail contents to make the comments readable.


Version 1.1  Uniface B.V. 2017