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WEB DOWNLOAD  with DSP  also  from widget HTML5 in form ( Uniface 9.7.03)
( The page server was updated with javascript  to use uhttp component  to do the final  download from   html  widget )
WEB Download with Uniface link and html link

Load PDF file
load zip file
-Document is in  hp_download.pdf

-Source Uniface and doc are in

hp_download.xml have 3 components Uniface

    • display_download.dsp   (web display download)
  • download.dsp                (web download )
  • frm_htmldownload.frm   (frm with htmlwidget + uhttp )

TEST with idf.exe 9.7.03 on internet   with html widget + uhttp (support binary since Uniface 9.6.07 )
1) idf /imp hp_download.xml
2) idf /all
3) idf /tst frm_htmldownload

TEST with browser on internet

mail :