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This small form can check coherence of relationships defined into Uniface repository.
It requires Meta Dictionary installed to be properly compiled.

Developed by Gianni Sandigliano – 2016.08.25 –
Developed with: U9.7.02

– Model: reduce check to relationships related to requested model; leaving it empty all relationships are checked.
– Msgs filter: enable to reduce output to error only
– Output type: let the user decide which is his/her preferred output
– Output file: if external file is chosen this is the file used to dump informations

For each relationships defined it checks key field coherence between one and many entities; these fields are checked:
– InDB?
– Data Type
– Field Interface

Output generated is almost self explaining.

It could be called as a service (or better as an hidden form) using a provided operation:
GSX_RELACHECK.check_relations(myModel, myFilter, myOutType, myOutFile, myList)
– myModel : IN
– myFilter : IN
– myOutType : IN
– myOutFile : IN
– myList : OUT